Advertising recruitment fair participations digitally

Schüler nutzen überwiegend Online-Angebote

Inform online, convince in person!

A recruitment fair 25 years ago worked like this: You drove to the fair grounds, bought a ticket and you more or less left it to surprise, which institutions would be there. Nowadays, this is unimaginable. Even weeks before the event, exhibitor lists can be found online, tickets can be purchased and printed off in advance. If you want to, you can even already make an appointment with exhibitors beforehand.

The digitisation thankfully does not only give visitors more comfort. You as an exhibitor can also benefit greatly from it. The Internet offers wonderful opportunities to promote your stand at every turn. And that’s important, as young people first find out about their career choices online and only then find their way to an information event or recruitment fair. Both channels, online and offline, are important to your marketing. The analogue world and the digital need each other to work at their best. Online advertising has little waste coverage, is quickly customisable and can be measured well. But it can not be experienced, and Internet users are so oversaturated that apprentice and student marketing must be very innovative to attract attention. However, if you manage to raise curiosity and get the young people to go to a fair, you can use personal conversation to convince them on a much more direct and interactive level. Once visitors are at the fair you have a lot more tools available. You can offer the visitor coffee and biscuits and calmly answer all their questions. In the end, give them a nice give-away for the good feeling at home, which will remind them of the dialogue with you. At the fair, use all the senses of the visitor for your advertising. The experience at your stand becomes especially vivid for them when they can try something out. Have an exhibit ready at the stand so that visitors can playfully get an idea of your training/study programmes. Sweepstakes and skill games are also great for interaction with students.

Gain attention in advance online

To ensure that enough interested visitors find their way to your stand, book enough space on the website of the organiser. Here you can already present your training and study options (possibly also with the help of banner advertising). Some career choice platforms offer the opportunity to post job ads or course profiles. These can then refer to the fair stand number. Tweet about the event and post on Facebook and Instagram. It makes sense to include the official hashtag for the event, so that you will also be found by hashtag observers.

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