Making career orientation fairs a memorable experience

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Fair stands catering for Gen Z’s needs

The young generation has a strong desire to support something relevant that gives their life some depth. Healthy nutrition or sustainability – i.e. the preservation of body and environment – are important issues for today’s high school graduates. So for environmental reasons, for instance, “my car” becomes “my car sharing”, and clothes and other possessions are much more frequently swapped rather than bought new. Generation Z wants to be an active part of what is going on and not just consume. Fun and enjoyment are important factors with this, even at career orientation fairs. 

The desire for simplicity on the one hand, and the urge to be part of something bigger, on the other, have an impact on what young people expect from events. A career orientation fair these days can no longer be simple line up of box standard fair stands. If it is to be successful, the event should give visitors the feeling that they have got an overview about the topic and understood the broader context.

In our case the topic would be: “In theory what are the options of what I can do after school and how do I approach this?”. So that the message is well received and remembered, various impulses, aha-moments and pleasurable experiences are needed. We therefore have put together a few ideas for companies and educational institutions trying to present their training options at a fair stand while catering to high school graduates’ desire to experience and participate.

  • Choosing a career these days is a big challenge because there is an endless amount of different training and study options available. At the fair, the young visitor is exposed to a sheer flood of information. Place a poster at your stand that shows in one or two short sentences what the advantages of your offer are. Work with images and infographics that show off your USPs to passing by visitors.
  • Is your company or university committed to environmental or social projects? Then tell your stand visitors about it or put this information on your flyers. This will make you more attractive as an employer/institution.
  • Get attention at your stand with a fun challenge. This could be a game where visitors can win something or give it some meaning by giving it a charity aspect. The message could be for instance: “For every curious student that we can tell about Super Technologies GmbH and our training options we will donate a Euro to the project xy.”
  • Give your stand an emotional message with large imagery or a campaign that raises curiosity. Visitors will remember your offer best if their emotional experience is linked to a sensuous one. How about some nice finger food for hungry fair visits or a campus tour via virtual reality glasses?

To finish off we have two examples for you, how customers at the Einstieg fairs attracted visitors’ attention recently. At the stand of the Fire Brigade Cologne, brave fair visitors could try abseiling from a fire truck ladder – an experience they will definitely remember. The university of Geisenheim advertised their undergraduate courses in viticulture and food safety with the following taste test: A platelet was placed in the mouth of the visitor and showed whether the person could taste “bitter”. Only 30% of all humans have this sense of taste. Would you have guessed that?

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