Benefits – an Important Part of Training Marketing

Benefits im Azubimarketing

In the past, new trainees were attracted solely by the name of large renowned corporations. Nowadays, young people take a closer look before deciding on a company. The concept of exchanging lifetime for money is becoming increasingly unattractive for Generation Z. Trainees of the future are seeking a fulfilling position. If possible regular working hours and financial stability should back it up. This approach is less about accumulating wealth than it is about a clear answer to the question “why should I complete my training specifically in your company?” Training companies are able to score highly when offering features such as flexible working hours, proximity to home and further training opportunities. Moreover, when young people decide on how attractive a new employer is to them, innovative benefits play a key role. Companies which would like to stand out noticeably from the competition on the applicant market should therefore offer more than the expected standards. Fruit baskets with apples and bananas are out-dated. Today, canteen subsidies or a free membership to the gym are popular and requested. Investing in these features will not only attract the next generation, it will also create long-term loyalty to the company. After all, who wants to do without the pleasant amenities?

We asked our exhibitors at Einstieg Hamburg whether they offered a variety of benefits.

More and more companies are attracting trainees with unusual employee benefits. Do you offer your trainees extras in addition to their salary?


59% of the companies replied with yes. 41% answered with no.

We also wanted to know what the specific benefits of the companies were



Among the companies that have benefits programs in place, 16 of them were offering transportation subsidies or a job ticket. That makes up 35% !

The second most popular benefit that companies offer with 6 out of 46 votes (13%) is a free membership to a gym or other sports courses. In some cases, the sporting activities take place directly at the company.

Another 6 out of 46 votes were cast for offering special workshops for trainees.

9% of the trainees in the companies surveyed received subsidies to the company canteen or financial support when purchasing reference books.

7% of the trainees receive a subsidy to cover their rental costs.

6% of the companies attract their applicants by offering a company bicycle.


The following benefits were also mentioned individually, receiving one vote each (miscellanious*):


  • Flexitime
  • Drinks (water and coffee)
  • Fresh fruit
  • Notebook
  • Pensions supplementing the legal entitlement
  • Mobile phone
  • Car sharing
  • Asset-creating benefits
  • Separation allowance accommodation
  • Trainee events
  • Bonus to recognise great certificates

    Our verdict

    Young applicants are now able to take advantage of truly attractive benefits. Perhaps our result will inspire you as well? All the best!


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