6 Tips for Better Fair Leads

How your fair visit will be a success

Whether a fair participation is deemed worthwhile for your trainee and student marketing efforts depends above all on the quantity and the quality of the contacts generated at the event. Our article will show how to take the right measures in advance to increase your trade fair leads.

  1. Attract young visitors with a coupon. You can, for example, have it packed in the official trade fair bag. If the coupon is brought to the stand, visitors receive a small gift. Attention: make it clear though that you want to talk to the visitors by saying, for example: “Bring this coupon to our stand and you will get some exciting ideas from us for your future planning and a USB stick to store your favourite ideas.”
  2. Are you planning a special campaign at your stand? Make the press department of the organiser aware of this.  With a little bit of luck, they will be grateful for the input and will use it in press releases about the event.
  3. Recent studies have shown that young applicants have particular problems with writing application letters. How about allowing a low-threshold short application during the fair? “Easy apply: Job application letters are annoying? For us your CV is enough! “
  4. Two-part give-aways: Have a gift distributed to the visitors at the entrance to the fair – for example, a beautiful, printed jute bag. The distributors point out that there is a matching shopping chip at your stand, for anyone who comes by.
  5. A fair visit makes hungry. Especially young trade fair visitors shy away from expensive fair catering. Have snacks and drinks ready to keep visitors happy during the consultation.
  6. Many fair visitors do not want to be “talked into” immediately and prefer to get a first impression from a distance. The challenge is how to draw attention to one’s own advantages from a distance? A video screen and a large advertising banner, which boldly put your offers in the limelight, work wonders!

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