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Our student fair series "explore20" is all about the next life chapter after finishing high school. Teenagers these days have an overwhelming amount of options, and our new event format gives them the opportunity to explore just those. Firstly, there is the big question of university and the best course to study. A second important topic for high school graduates is a gap year. Some bridge their time before starting university with a volunteering programme, while others have always wanted to go to Australia to see something of the world as they work and travel before studying. Gap year offers will therefore also play a major role at explore20. In addition, we would like to prepare (prospective) high school graduates with information about practical topics such as housing, insurance and student financing and much more for their new life chapter.

Our target group is demanding and adventurous. Together with you, we want to create an event that is all about interaction and gut feeling (because students rarely decide on a career with their heads!). An event with an atmosphere that invites you to linger. Beyond the usual recruitment fair hustle and bustle, we want to create an informational oasis with a programme that is so lively and exciting that visitors can spend the whole day. When selecting the speakers we only have the needs of the young visitors in mind. Above all, we would like to bring students and influencers into a dialogue with the visitors. We will swap the usual one way presentaton on formal stages with lounges that allow a casual chat in small groups. Young people should experience their future here with all their senses. Each lounge will have its own themeand will become a beach bar, lecture hall or study café. Above all, the programme will be useful and authentic. The speakers will be young and talk to the event visitors at eye level. The programme will not only be informative, but also fun and inspiring!

Join us and let curious high school graduates experience what it means to study at your university. Or what it means to plan a stay abroad that changes their life. Bring your student ambassadors with you. Otherwise, travel light, because we take care of all the furniture you need. You should bring at least this: an eye-catcher (for example, a nice roll-up), a few snacks and give-aways for the visitors, a nice interactive element or a thrilling exhibit.

explore20 at a glance:


High school graduates and high school students, vocationally qualified individuals, exchange students, gap year returnees, parents.


  • Information about universities and study programs at home and abroad
  • Gap Year - Useful knowledge about practical experiences worldwide
  • Volunteering in Germany and abroad
  • Other topics: Jobs, Accommodation, Financial aid ...


  • Heidelberg, 10.10.2020

Opening hours Saturday, 10am to 5pm. Admission is free.