Student Recruitment in Germany


Recruit students at the leading undergraduate recruitment fair of the Ruhr Region!

Einstieg Dortmund 

15 + 16 September 2017
Westfalenhallen, Dortmund

Friday 9am -2pm
Saturday 9am – 4pm


Do you already recruit students from the Dortmund area in Germany? Did you know that the city lies at the heart of Germany’s most densely populated area and in one of the largest metropolitan regions in Europe?

We have put together some interesting facts for you to show you why the Dortmund area should be on your recruitment radar for 2017/18.

  • With 600,000 inhabitants, Dortmund is in the top 10 of Germany’s cities. It is the largest city of the Ruhr Region (Ruhrgebiet), which consists of 15 cities including Essen and Duisburg.
  • The Ruhr Region is Germany’s largest urban agglomeration with a population of 8.5 million and a population density of 2,800/square kilometre. London Metropolitan Region has 1,510.
  • The Einstieg Dortmund fair is the largest student recruitment fair in the Ruhr Region with visitors coming from the whole region. Last year 11,000 visitors visited our fair in two days.
  • The Ruhr Region is located in close proximity to the Netherlands and Belgium, and students’ interest in studying abroad in general and in those countries in particular is high. This year we will be offering a special “Study in the Netherlands” Pavilion at the fair.
  • Traditionally a region with heavy industry, Dortmund has now become a centre for high, biomedical and micro systems technologies. Your programmes in the ICT and the STEM fields are therefore of particular interest for high school graduates in this region. We dedicate a special forum to these industries at the event.

For more information or to book, please get in touch with Christina Haase on or by calling +49 221 39809-535.