Online Career Information – Which platforms do German teenagers use?

Apps auf einem Smartphone

Our in-house agency Jugendstil regularly conducts surveys and focus groups among German secondary school students. This time we asked them about their internet behaviour. Which are their favourite apps and platforms? Where do they get career advice from?

1.    Everybody’s on Facebook!

Well, that’s not really true anymore… Older users have kind of ruined Facebook for teenagers. They tend to feel watched by their parents on this network. Only 73% of young Germans use Facebook. With 96% Whatsapp is clearly more popular. With 83%, YouTube is also more popular than Facebook. 15% of students have used Facebook at least once to get career information.

2.    Mobile vs Desktop

Approximately 60% of students indicated that they mostly or even exclusively use their smart phone to go online. Only 16% named desktop computers as their main device to surf the web.

3.    Career orientation online

72% of respondents get information from university websites, 30% from company websites. Every third respondent said they used career choice tests online. Only 9% of students check employer ratings online.

4.    Career orientation on social media

“Do you use social media to get information about training or study options?”

5.    Print is dead. Or is it?

“Imagine there was a new career choice magazine. If you could choose between the print or digital version, which one would you rather go for?”

6.    Everyone loves Snapchat

This platform is already the most-used social medium in the US. In Germany, Snapchat is increasingly competing with WhatsApp and already bypassed Twitter. 65% of the girls and 57% of the boys of our sample used Snapchat.

7.    Moving images

A whopping 83% of teenagers use YouTube. But only 10% use it for career information. 43% of respondents said they used it to watch tutorials for school homework and projects.

When it comes to career orientation, teenagers turn to classic websites and print media. Social media are either just for fun or for school-related subjects. Therefore, focusing your recruitment efforts solely on Facebook and YouTube might not be enough on the German market. It is just as important to invest in the optimisation of your institution website and to make sure that you have pages dedicated to German students specifically.

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