Regional Differences in Germany – Valuable advice for picking your best city for German student recruitment

Besucherandrang der Einstieg Hamburg 2017

Entering a new student recruitment market is a tricky thing and it is important to not only know general information about the country’s education system, for instance, but also the regional student markets within that country and their particular characteristics. Germany’s regions vary greatly in industry focus, affluence or student mobility.

At Einstieg, we have been offering undergraduate recruitment fairs all over Germany for the best part of twenty years and have got to know the regional differences in our different fair locations very well. Today we would like to share some of this regional knowledge with you to help you pick your best city for German student recruitment.


Cologne is at the heart of the Rhineland, a densely populated area in the West of Germany. In the last 20 years the city has become a media city that is home to many media as well as game industry businesses. The gamescom, one of the world’s leading computer game fairs, takes place in Cologne each year. At the Einstieg Cologne, we satisfy the resulting interest and demand in these two industries with a special Media and Games Forum.
Due to its geographical proximity to the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg student mobility is high in the Cologne region and students often consider studying “across the border”.


With its big port, which is the largest in Germany, Hamburg is often called Germany’s “Gateway to the World”. The city is very cosmopolitan and has a very strong import/export and logistics industry, which generates high demand for courses and qualifications in this area. If you are trying to promote undergraduates courses in logistics, nautical engineering or international trade, Hamburg should be one of the first German cities you should be looking at. And of course, there is a special Logistics Forum at the Einstieg Hamburg to do so.
Hamburg’s geographical location also makes it particularly interesting for institutions from Northern Europe, and Einstieg will be offering a Scandinavian pavilion to put these institutions into focus in 2018.


Karlsruhe is situated in the heart of Baden-Wuerttemberg, the economic powerhouse of South-Western Germany. The region is one of the most affluent in Europe, which makes it easy for students to afford studying abroad. In addition, the level of English of high school students in the state is higher than average thanks to the local education system.
Baden-Wuerttemberg is home to many manufacturing business and big car companies – a fact that makes engineering and technology-related courses particularly interesting for students. At the Einstieg Karlsruhe, we give exhibitors the opportunity to showcase their related courses in our Technology Forum.

Would you like to get more information on the different German regions and our forums at the Einstieg fairs in other cities? Please visit or get in touch with us by email on

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