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This is what high school students expect from a career information website

Gen Z students were already holding a mobile phone in their hands as toddlers – smart phones are their constant companions. They have grown up in a digital world, where you can easily buy a new TV with your phone on the bus ride to school, or where you can take a picture of your breakfast roll to send it to all your friends via Snapchat. Generation Z is constantly online and loves to pose and express their online personality. Google has a handy answer to everything. The internet knows everything and can do anything. Those who grow up with this become spoilt. Only things that are easy to understand or operate will be consumed – the world in bite sized chunks. Companies and education institutions have to work hard to draw the new generation’s attention to their training and study options.

In 2017, we conducted a number of workshops with German high school students of different ages and different school forms to develop a study and training portal that would meet Gen Z’s needs and expectations. In doing so, we found out that the young workshop participants wanted a site that gives simple solutions in a one-stop shop.

Here is a brief overview of our findings from the workshops we conducted:

  • It is very important for high school students to find out, which profession or course would be suitable for them in the first place. They would like to have a career aptitude test that is thorough but not too long and that checks the main fields of interest. Ideally, they would want the results of the test to be linked to matching university courses or trainee positions. After finishing school, a lot of students are also interested in a Gap Year programmes, so they would love to see information on this in their perfect career portal too.
  • Most information is accessed via the mobile phone or while doing other things (on the go or while watching TV for example). That’s why students look for short, concise content that’s easy to ready – “snackable content”.
  • The fun factor was also high on the students’ wish list.  Information should not be presented in a dry and boring way. It should be embedded in an entertaining, attractive environment that makes you want to find out more about the topic.
  • If the young web users don’t understand straight away what the content they are reading is about, they move on to the next website. A career choice website that is geared towards Gen Z therefore has to consistently speak the students’ language and has to communicate on eye level.

Generation Z is willing to perform but they do not want to sacrifice themselves to their job. Work takes up a big chunk of lifetime and should be enjoying and fulfilling. Students these days want to know in detail what they can expect from their dream profession. The ideal career information platform has to reflect that and give clear information on professions and training options that does not whitewash facts but that is realistic.

The new – a career choice portal that’s fun and informative

When creating our new study and career choice portal we took the results of our workshops to heart. The motto test-inform-apply makes it easy to find your way around. Optically the portal has been reinvented as well, while the content has remained at the usual high quality level. In addition texts have been written in a way so that teenagers can get the most important facts easily. When it comes to the requirements in job adverts or course profiles, students often don’t understand what they mean. For this reason, we invented the “Gen Z Translator” that explains expressions such as “ability to work in a team” or “working independently” at the click of a button. Why don’t you have a look?



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