The Best Fair Stands 2017

A  welcoming design, room for relaxed conversations and interactive elements support the succes of your fair participation. Would you like to get some inspiration? We have put together a gallery of ourbest fair stands 2017. 

Ausbildung zum Vermessungstechnicker

The quad is a great eye catcher that makes visitors curious! The stand is also a good example for making it clear from afar what your message is. „Careers in the Geo Industry“ is clear and to the point. It would not have been advisable to just write the company or institution name on the panels.

Ausbildung zum Einzelhandelskaufmann

Lidl combines everything a modern fair stand needs. Almost everyone knows Heidi Klum and she is very popular especially among girls – so she’s the perfect eyecatcher. In addition there are a photo box as an interactive element, a cosy seating area, trainees to talk to casually, and tasty fruit as give-away. The highlight, however, is the Lidl check-out, where visitors can already try out the job hands-on.

Ausbildung zum Drogisten

Rossmann also knows how to attract visitors through interactive elements. The wall lets visitors dive into Rossmann’s apprenticeship world in a playful manner. Our advice: place such elements into one of the corners of your stand so that they don’t block the way or view into your booth.

Ausbildung zur Einzelhandelskauffrau

The drugstore chain dm impresses with friendly trainees at the stand and with a cosy counseling area. The table is set in front of a large photo of a dm branch, which gives visitors the feeling of being in the store. There is also a monitor at the stand where visitors can get lots of information about working for dm.

These were the best fair stands in 2018

Studium in Sachsen-Anhalt

The State of Saxony advertises their universities with a play on words that raises curiosity. The stand is modern and has an open design; the message is clear. There are friendly students on site that visitors can approach easily. In addition there is an inviting seating area.

Ausbildung zum Straßenbahnfahrer bei der BVG

The Berlin Transport Authority knows how to show their employer brand in the perfect light. The stand looks great and is a real eye-catcher. Visitors are attracted by the photobooth with funny train elements. There is enough space to have have a look around and spend some time at the stands. Thumbs up!

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