WhatsApp in German Student Recruitment


Boosting your marketing efforts by using German teenagers’ favourite messaging app

A colleague of mine recently spoke to a 15-year old student who wanted to get information on our career choice workshops. “I can send you further information by email, if you’d like”, she said. “Oh, sorry, one second”, he replied. “I need to look up what my email address actually is. You know, my generation doesn’t really use emails anymore.”

Email might not be the communication method of choice for young Germans anymore, but messaging services are ever more popular. 82% of Germans aged 14 – 29 use them on a daily basis with WhatsApp having the biggest market share by far (63%).

In a cross-media campaign that we developed for our client LAL Sprachreisen, a German language travel operator, we took advantage of this marketing channel and used WhatsApp as the core element of the campaign.

LAL wanted to run a competition to give away a free language course in Malta targeting high school students in a number of German States.

For the 4 week-long campaign, we chose 500 secondary schools in those states, and displayed 500 posters and handed out 20,000 flyers in these schools. In addition, we advertised the competition on Facebook and in our student newsletter. Students then had to register for the competition with their WhatsApp account.

The results were impressive: over 1,800 students took part in the competition and registered via WhatsApp. In addition, visits to the LAL mobile website increased considerably over the period.

The campaign was a great example of what you can achieve if you reach your target group through the channels that they are most comfortable with. With different apps and technologies being more popular in certain countries and less in others, international education marketers need to be aware of the latest trends in their target markets so that they can benefit from local preferences to achieve outstanding results.

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